In livestock feed, the simultaneous administration of all foods maximizes production efficiency while minimizing the risk of the onset of metabolic diseases. There are many guidelines (ARC, CORNELL, INRA and NRC) provided by scientific research that propose to maximize production, reduce waste and preserve animal welfare through a balanced supply of nutrients. The feed distributed is characterized by various levels of palatability and consequently could be consumed in different measures, highlighting the animal’s selective ability.

poliSPEC offers breeders and nutritionists the possibility, by using the new HOMOGENEITY and SELECTION INDEXES directly in the feed trough, to evaluate the degree of homogeneity of the distributed ration and the selection made by the animals and then provide useful data to be able to intervene appropriately on diet formulation and distribution.

The measure is very simple and consists in the virtual division of the feed trough into 4 sectors and in the analysis (at least 4 readings) for each sector of the ration. At the end of the analysis of each sector, the poliDATA software provides the Homogeneity and Selection Index of the ration and a printable report.

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