Polispec NIR and AlgoMilk: technology at the service of animal farming


In recent years, technology has become an indispensable tool within livestock farms. The demand is to simplify the management and display of barn data, so as to make the use of nutritional, productive and economic data of cattle farms more efficient and immediate. This resulted in a collaboration between ITPhotonics and IDEAS IT, an AGG (Análisis gestión ganadera SL) department based in Spain that has contributed  greatly to the technological evolution of livestock farms in recent years.  

Through this collaboration, the ITPhotonics team also began working with AlgoMilk technology: nutritional and herd management software.

Polispec NIR and AlgoMilk: the combination of two technologies

AlgoMilk is not only a data management platform but a real innovative system of interconnected sensors integrated in the livestock farm and on the mixer wagon for the optimized management of resources, ration and farm production targets.

Combining AlgoMilk with Polispec Nir technology has resulted in a single solution that can address multiple needs:

  • Active support in the daily management of the ration and the mixer wagon,
  • Constant and dynamic updating of the feed warehouse and the relative nutritional values ​​of each individual feed.
  • The monitoring of feed efficiency and the effective digestibility of the rations by comparing these data to the company’s production performance and the company’s net revenue margins with respect to feeding costs.



What can the user do with Polispec NIR and AlgoMilk?

With a customized and modular offering, users will have numerous features and tools to use according to their analysis needs:

  1. Polispec NIR for the qualitative analysis of feeds and rations, for both portable and mixer wagon use.
  2.  Universal weighing system interconnected to the Polispec NIR sensor, the feed warehouse and the AlgoMilk web app, which can be interfaced with any load cell already installed on the wagon.
  3. A WiFi and RFID antenna system for loading / unloading the feed warehouse, for self-recognition of products, for controlled unloading in the manger and for the collection of production data directly from the milking parlor.
  4. A convenient web-app and / or mobile app AlgoMilk to collect, consult and view all data in real time and to be able to compare them in a simple and effective way by calculating your level of feed efficiency, economic and environmental impact.

Thanks to advanced but simple and practical technologies that allow constant analysis activities and monitoring of results, animal husbandry is within everyone’s reach, and ITPhotonics is constantly working to propose increasingly efficient and complete tools and solutions.