Polispec NIRe is a latest generation spectrophotometer with the widest spectral range of the entire Polispec range. Made with the use of the experience gained from the other instruments of the family, Polispec NIRe was also created with the same characteristics of robustness and compactness that make it easy to use both as a portable instrument or for the laboratory, and as a system for installation on plants. Thanks to its particular diffraction grating and the double chip InGaAs 512 pixels sensor with controlled cooling system, poliSPEC NIRe covers the extraordinary spectral range 930-2180 nm while maintaining all the characteristics of versatility, sensitivity, operating dynamics and cleaning of the signal of the other Polispec systems. These qualities make Polispec NIRe suitable for analysing very varied matrices, from the most reflective to the most absorbent, without the need to have different versions of the instrument for each application area. The casing is made entirely of anodised aluminium, while large heat sink is located at the front to remove the heat generated by the lighting system and the active cooling system of the sensor.
The area framed by the collection optics is extremely large and particularly suitable for the analysis of whole products and for product flows in motion. For in-process installation, the tool/machine coupling can be created in different shapes and materials in order to be adapted to the most particular needs (for example in the food and industrial sectors). The software interface is extremely simple, intuitive and compatible with different calibration suites for users who wish to develop their own calibration models. We have created the entire software infrastructure to be easy to use, both independently and for easy integration, for example, with plant PLC systems or machine CAN protocols. The instrument itself can be configured for different communication protocols in order to make its use even easier.


21.6 x 21.3 x 8.5 cm (l x h x w)


3.3 kg


Anodised aluminium (standard)

IP degree

IP 68 (standard)
IP 6X + IP X9K (on request)


dual-chip sensor, 512 pixels,
cooled with double Peltier stage

Feedback cooling control system

Feedback, stability T < 0,03 K

Spectrum range

930-2180 nm

Average numerical resolution

2.4 nm

Average optical resolution HWHM

4 nm

Optical signal collection

Direct optical coupling


12 Vdc power supply with power supply provided,
interchangeable rechargeable battery

Maximum absorbed power

24 W

Type of measurements

* may require external accessories

Reflectance / transmittance*

Measurement geometry

Diffuse / 0°

Measurement references

Internal and automatic

Communication channels**

** also available in WiFi + Ethernet configuration

Standard WiFi + RS422 / RS485

Source type***

*** internal back-up lamp option available

Replaceable halogen lamp

Commands and signals

Hardware button dedicated to the acquisition of references.
Hardware button dedicated to the measurement acquisition.
Light and acoustic signalling of the acquisition status.


poliDATA: data acquisition and chemometric prediction software compatible with the SensoLogic and UCal Chemometric suites.

poliPROCESS: process analysis software compatible with the SensoLogic and UCal Chemometric suites, interface available for ISObus and PLC systems (modbus over TCP/IP or S7).


And the field of application is not an obstacle, because our preparation allows us to collaborate with multiple sectors, identifying the needs of individual targets.

Professional spectrophotometers for portable and on-line analysis. They have no limits in their applications thanks to their great application versatility and easy integration.



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