We have created Polispec NIR (Portable and On-LIne SPECtrophotometer), a compact spectrophotometer with an industrial design, designed and built both for portable use and for online installation. Its operation is based on the interaction of a light source with the molecules and with the chemical bonds that characterise the matrix to be analysed, thus performing both quantitative and qualitative measurements.
Polispec NIR is designed to ensure intensive use in all agricultural processes in which immediate and precise measures are required for the management of variables and for self-control systems.

A solution suitable for every field working process

The entire agricultural sector today is showing us that it is possible to keep up with the times, enriching its work day by day with cutting-edge data and technologies, capable of transforming even the most ancient of works into measured and precise actions, aimed at safeguarding the environment, territories and economies.

For years we have considered it essential to combine its know-how with a constantly evolving sector, capable of renewing itself while remaining tied to traditions and of innovating its daily life, proving to be a fundamental part of it and sometimes a guide for society. The entire Polispec range is designed to ensure continuous use even in the most difficult conditions.

Compact and robust, made entirely of aluminium and compatible with the requirements of protection against liquids and the highest dust, Polispec instruments are designed to adapt to any type of installation.

The interaction surfaces between the sensor and the process are designed to be easily replaceable and made in different shapes and materials in order to ensure maximum wear resistance. For each type of installation, various accessories are available to allow simple assembly and to intercept the flow of the product being processed in order to allow effective monitoring.



ISObus version

It is our main software for analysing agricultural machinery. In this configuration, the software user interface is available through a UT application compatible with all native or applied ISObus terminals.

The simple and optimised interface for use on the terminal:
• is available in various languages (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch and Hungarian)
• is used to select the product under analysis and to view the measured data
• the start of data storage is automatic and is managed by the normal recording activity of the operator panel (VT Terminal)
• the data are saved together with the GPS coordinates (geo-referencing) in the standard ISOXML format (Task Data)*
• the data is normally available both for export via USB stick and remotely to the cloud
• at any time, the average of the analysis of the entire session is available through totalisers. This means that the user will find the average values of the constituents in the activity information

* ISOXML (Task Data): universal format for the generation
(with specific software or platforms) of agronomic maps,
of production or prescription maps.

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