We have created POLISPEC NIR (Portable and On-LIne SPECtrophotometer), a compact spectrophotometer with an industrial design, designed and built both for portable use and for online installation. Its operation is based on the interaction of a light source with the molecules and with the chemical bonds that characterise the matrix to be analysed, thus performing both quantitative and qualitative measurements.
Polispec NIR is designed to ensure intensive use in all agricultural processes in which immediate and precise measures are required for the management of variables and for self-control systems.

A single sensor for integration on all machines and an essential system for the measuring and mapping of soil and crops

Over the years, the figure of the contractor has had to and has been able to transform itself from a mere supplier of mechanical services to a professional figure capable of conveying technology and knowledge in its work and for the customer. This role as ambassador of technical and technological innovation has never been without difficulties and that is why we have thought about developing, alongside manufacturers and users of agricultural machinery, easy and flexible tools and applications useful for the contractor who today, by its very nature or according to the customer’s needs, has to address the vast issue of precision agriculture.
Thus was conceived the range of Polispec NIR applications for harvesting machines, for slurry spreading and for the use on mixing wagons.

Polispec NIR is a useful tool which, applied on forage harvesters, combine harvesters and balers, useful to measure the quality of the product in the field with punctuality and precision. Thanks to the integration with the ISObus standards and connected to a GPS antenna, the Polispec NIR sensor provides detailed mapping of the crops, identifying homogeneous areas and allowing the operator to develop agronomic plans and fertilisation plans aimed at increasing and standardising the yield of agricultural plots. From the complete analysis of moisture, protein, fibre and starch, it will therefore be possible to calculate the real value of the crops, to produce nitrogen balance maps, to accurately use the inocula for the correct preservation of fodder and much more. The application of the Polispec NIR sensor on the machine is extremely simple and can be performed at any time even on non-prepared machines. For each different application, dedicated assembly kits are available which make it extremely easy to remove them for storage during periods of inactivity or for manual use of the sensor itself, as well as for transferring and starting up other machines.
A brand new application for soil analysis makes Polispec NIR a very valid data collection system for measuring, becoming familiar with and mapping the plots and crops worked and to offer its customers additional services and greater professionalism.



ISObus version

It is our main software for analysing agricultural machinery. In this configuration, the software user interface is available through a UT application compatible with all native or applied ISObus terminals.

The simple and optimised interface for use on the terminal:
• is available in various languages (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch and Hungarian)
• is used to select the product under analysis and to view the measured data
• the start of data storage is automatic and is managed by the normal recording activity of the operator panel (VT Terminal)
• the data are saved together with the GPS coordinates (geo-referencing) in the standard ISOXML format (Task Data)*
• the data is normally available both for export via USB stick and remotely to the cloud
• at any time, the average of the analysis of the entire session is available through totalisers. This means that the user will find the average values of the constituents in the activity information

(*) ISOXML (Task Data): universal format for the generation (with specific software or platforms) of agronomic maps, of production or prescription maps.


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