We offer on the market a whole range of solutions dedicated to the industrial sector whose characteristics of adaptability and resistance to the most critical environments allow their installation and intensive use both on production lines and for the management of industrial processes, for classification of goods, raw materials and materials.


The Polispec industry range was created to meet the highest degrees of IP protection against the intrusion of solid particles and the access of liquids. The entire external structure of Polispec Industry sensors and the parts designed to be in contact with the measured product can be made with materials suitable for the environment of use. Their installation and integration into the system are facilitated by the availability of different communication channels and by the possibility of placing the processing unit within the instruments themselves.


We also offer a valuable team of experts for the design and integration of technologies in industrial plants and to support the development of analytical techniques and calibration curves necessary for specific uses.


Polispec LITE industry is a reflection spectrophotometer, equipped with an internal lighting system and automatic references, with extremely compact dimensions. Particularly suitable for the analysis of macro elements, Polispec LITE industry easily adapts to different working conditions. The casing is made entirely of anodized aluminum, while a large heat sink is placed at the front to remove the heat generated by the lighting system.


Polispec VIS-NIT industry is an extremely robust spectrophotometric sensor, designed to be connected via optical fiber to a variety of measurement probes and lighting sources. Thanks to its particular compactness, Polispec VIS-NIT industry can be easily integrated into any point of a production line.

NIR industry

Polispec NIR industry is the instrument of excellence of the range, it is a robust and compact spectrophotometer, designed for in-process installation.
It has been designed considering various technological approaches that make it highly performing in terms of sensitivity, operational dynamics and signal cleaning.


Polispec NIRe industry is an extended spectral range spectrophotometer, robust and compact, which integrates a reflection measurement optics. Designed for in-process installation, it is made with special technological devices such as to make it highly performing in terms of sensitivity, operational dynamics and signal cleanliness.


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